Protecting People and Their Data: The Balance Between Privacy Regulations and Security

With the growing complexity and intensity of cyber threats and attacks we’re seeing in the news, it’s no surprise that more and more regulations are being developed to protect personal data. The increasing use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices has made the transfer and sharing of data easier than ever before, […]

Compass Client Spotlight: April 2018

All of us in the security industry know very well what the month of April brings each year: another ISC West conference in beautiful Las Vegas! We had an amazing time at the event’s biggest show yet, as each day brought record-breaking traffic to the booths and overall success for all those in attendance. In […]

Compass Client Spotlight: January 2018

As we closed the door on 2017 and eagerly jumped into the new year, many conversations in the security industry centered around the highlights of last year and the trends to look forward to in 2018. In this month’s client spotlight, Verint’s Alex Johnson explains to SecurityInformed why 2017 demonstrated the need for increased safety, […]

Compass Client Spotlight: August 2017

With summer winding down and the temperatures starting to drop, the beginning of fall brings a fast-paced month of September, as the Compass client base is working hard to prepare for the quickly approaching 2017 ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits in Dallas, Texas. As we take a look back at August, we see many intriguing […]

Survival Tactics: ASIS 2017 edition

I remember my first ASIS nearly … well, let’s just say it was awhile ago. I was new to the industry, new to Dallas ·yes, my first ASIS was in Dallas) and new to large exhibit halls. I remember walking onto the show floor for set-up and thinking, “The shoes I packed aren’t going to […]

Compass Client Spotlight: June 2017

As we begin the hot months of summer, the Compass client base continues to tackle a wide range of topics within industry and technology media outlets. In this month’s client spotlight, Kevin Wine from Verint predicts collaboration between IT, cyber security and physical security teams to SDM Magazine; Security.World looks at how an outdoor shopping […]

On the Importance of Public Relations

It would be remiss to let the events of last week go untouched by our team. Pepsi. United Airlines. The White House Press Secretary. Important lessons in public relations are learned as the days go by, bringing the importance of brand awareness and relationships with the media to the forefront. To err is human. We, […]

Unlimited Options for Success

Before I launched Compass, I held roles in a variety of very traditional corporate environments. This meant that there was very little option to work from home, vacation days were counted and monitored down to the letter, and the traditional 9-5 work day was enforced. Even when you spent a week on the road at […]

Compass Client Spotlight: February 2017

In this month’s client spotlight, Vanderbilt’s CEO outlines how access control is moving beyond its siloed past for IFSEC Global, Oncam’s Jumbi Edulbehram discusses the value of drones for public events with Source Security, while Steve Birkmeier from Arteco highlights the use of event-based video surveillance in the commercial and retail industries in an article […]

Working Remote: 5 Steps to Make it Work for You

The age of technology, the ease with which we deploy various means of communication and the nature of our work make working remotely easier and more beneficial than ever. PR, marketing and integrated communications lends itself well to remote employment, since our clients are spread throughout the country (and in many cases, the world). Shortly […]

Mentorship for Working Women

Throughout history, it has been tradition for mothers to pass down wisdom and life experience to their daughters in hopes they will become a successful wife and mother; information that was most likely passed down to her by her mother years before. It has been this way since the dawn of society—mothers are the sages, […]

An End and A Beginning

  I want to take this opportunity to personally thank all of the wonderful people we’ve had the opportunity to work with over the past year. We wouldn’t be here without you and your support. This year opened doors to new opportunities for myself and the Compass team. From new social media strategies to creative […]

“The Most of It”: A Frostian Ode to 2016

It’s been one hell of a year. Literally, figuratively, negatively and positively. Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. We say, if we had to perish twice, a cocktail in hand would surely suffice. This year has been filled with ups, downs, lefts, rights, even U-turns, but just as we […]

A Very Compass Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving. A time for family, friends, food and festivities. (And Fireball.) Given that everyone’s anxious to bust out their bigger clothes, hang out and eat turkey, we think now is a perfect time to give thanks to everything that makes Compass Integrated what it is. First, our team would like to give thanks to […]

Soaring Global Revenue for Security Technology

The security industry has benefitted greatly from the surge in technological innovation that precipitated IP and network device adoption. In this new phase of market growth, how much do stakeholders stand to gain as security technology continues to shift where investments are made? Worldwide revenues for security-related hardware, software and services are projected to grow […]

See ya #ASIS16!

The ASIS 62nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits was a tremendous success for the Compass team and its clients! Although traffic was lighter than in previous years, security professionals from 109 countries gathered in Orlando in September to discuss and learn about current industry trends including the risk of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure and the need […]

ASIS in Orlando

The Compass team is in Orlando for this year’s ASIS Seminar. We are eager to kick off the conference tomorrow morning. Follow us on Twitter to learn more about what our clients are showcasing and check-in here to see photos from the show. If you’re interested in meeting with us, tweet at us at @compass_squad. […]

Mentorship in the Workplace

  Throughout history, it has been tradition for mothers to pass down wisdom and life experiences to their daughters in hopes of being a successful wife and mother; information that was most likely passed down to her by her mother years before. It has been this way since the dawn of mankind—mothers are the experts, […]

The Benefits of Event-Driven Intelligence

Video event management software (VEMS) and data analytics are quickly becoming the most crucial tools for video security systems to achieve a higher level of situational awareness than previously thought possible. These software solutions are saving lives and facilitating security operations every day while giving users more insight to ensure safety is maximized. We’ve compiled […]

Reclaim Your Access Control Independence

As the last fireworks burst in the sky and celebrations wind down from the summer months, we are reminded that this signifies freedom and independence. What does independence really mean for you? We’ve pondered this question and have come to the conclusion that in the access control industry, freedom comes in the form of a […]

Getting Smart About Smart Cards

The days of overcrowded clunky keychains encumbering purses and pockets are fading into the past. Technology is moving by the necessity of the actual lock-and-key solution in a number of vertical market spaces. Today, we’re seeing an emergence of key fobs for cars with push-start buttons, and a move towards digital security, mobile credentials, keypads, […]

Light at the end of the tunnel for Brazil security market

The Brazilian economy has been going through one of the worst recessions ever. Once considered one of the most promising emerging economies in the world, the Latin American country has, in the recent years, plunged deeper and deeper into economic crisis. From a growth of 7.5 percent in 2010, the economy contracted last year, marking […]

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