Forrester Names Compass as Top Global Channel PR Firm

Forrester Names Compass as Top Global Channel PR Firm

Among an estimated 25,000 pure-play PR firms in the world, we are proud that Compass was chosen as one of 85 channel PR firms that stuck out from the rest. Forrester researched and narrowed down to only those firms with channel media-specific focus and expertise, sourcing the results directly via social outreach and email with editors, journalists, publishers and channel consultants that work with PR executives daily.

After sourcing data from 54 global channel magazines, 64 podcasts, 150 trade shows, 100-plus LinkedIn and Facebook groups, dedicated micro communities and more, Forrester identified that many channel vendors believe there’s diminishing consumer trust in media – meaning that it’s more crucial than ever for PR execs to share timely, accurate and relevant stories with the media that are supported by reputable stats, facts and expert opinion, especially as we continue to see an overhaul of the industry.

Influencer marketing and AI are changing PR as we know it; we’re seeing a greater convergence of PR, marketing, and advertising as clients increasingly demand – and expect – more complex campaigns that integrate social media, PR, advertising and marketing. A reported 47% of PR pros and 61% of marketing pros say PR and marketing will be aligned closely in the next few years to come; however, just 7% of agency professionals believe the two fields will operate separately, suggesting that the convergence of the two facets is only just beginning.

“Name a more iconic duo than PR and marketing; the two can no longer operate in silos, they’ve become so intertwined that you can’t have one without the other. And that’s something we factor into every campaign we run at Compass, so this recognition by Forrester is an honor a testament to our process.” ~ Rhianna Daniels, Chief Strategy Officer, Compass.

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