Closing Out Summer: A Look at July Client News

Closing Out Summer: A Look at July Client News

The heat may be subsiding (well, maybe not for our team members in Florida, New Mexico and Nevada), but Compass is still bringing the heat when it comes to client news (see what we did there?)

While some industries slow down over the summer months, the high-tech industry is still going strong. From delivering the kind of technology that prepares retailers for a busy upcoming holiday season to discussing the rise of networked devices for healthcare campuses, the summer/beginning of autumn are full-speed ahead.

Nevertheless, we are solidly in the last half of 2019 and don’t expect the conversations to wane. As we head into another Global Security Exchane (GSX) show (Sept. 9-12 in Chicago), we’re eager to take on the biggest news and trends coming down the pipeline.

Here’s more news from our clients in July:

Cleverciti Launches Smart Parking Offering for Indoor and Outdoor Parking Applications
IoT innovator Cleverciti announced the addition of the ClevercitiCard to its smart parking system. The Card seamlessly combines indoor and outdoor parking guidance, including single-space occupancy detection, into the credit card-sized ClevercitiCard. Now, parking operators can harness a complete management solution across a variety of industries.

The Casino Market (and the Security and Surveillance Challenges Faced)
Gaming operations are heavily regulated with extensive requirements that govern the information captured (and stored). In this roundtable from SecurityInformed, editors ask: What are the security and surveillance challenges of the casino market? Oncam and Pivot3 weigh in.

Using Analytics for Video Monitoring
Video and analytics go together like peas and carrots, mac and cheese, peanut butter and … you catch my drift. But the two coupled together are set to change the face of video monitoring centers and offer a significant push toward more intelligent business insights and decision-making. Arcules CEO Andreas Pettersson talks about this phenomenon with SDM Magazine (and why we should be looking at how the cloud aids in this task, as well).

Security Operators and the Necessary Skillsets Needed
So many of our clients work within the control room and operations center environments, so they see a lot of what’s required from operators in this space. In this question from SecurityInformed, Verint weighs in when asked, “How are required skillsets changing among security operators?”

Hospital Security and Access Control
When a loved one is admitted to a healthcare facility, family members and friends are often more worried about the health of that individual than the security of the facility. And that’s with good reason. Today’s hospitals have a responsibility to keep patients, staff and visitors safe from a myriad of threats that can arise. In this column from IFSEC Global, Vanderbilt’s Ross Wilks talks about a key component of this: access control and visitor management.

Summer Travel and Airport Security
When it comes to flying the skies to escape on vacation, July is the ideal timeframe. Traversing through airports to get to your destination should be seamless and safe, and intelligent technology is now being deployed to ensure that is the case. Verint’s Alan Stoddard discusses the intelligence used in these environments, as well as how it’s being utilized to thwart potential threats and keep passengers safe.

Control Room Considerations for Campuses
Expansive campuses, like those found in the healthcare or education markets, have one thing in common: space. That’s why it’s critical to ensure this space is covered (and monitored). Vistacom’s Control Room Specialist Paul Reigner examines the considerations that have to be made in this environment to be successful.

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