Compass is an independent communications and marketing firm with global reach. We specialize in supporting the brand and reputation of companies that deliver goods and services to the security, IT, high-tech and IoT industries. And the B2B market is our Game and it's where we shine.

As a team, we have more than 30 years of combined PR, media and marketing experience. We're successful because we truly care about our clients: you, your brand, your sales channel and your customers. We understand how hard it can be to differentiate your brand in the crowded technology market. Because we understand the evolution of the industry, we are ideally positioned to help you create and manage an image you will be proud of.


It all starts with a good story, and Compass is the agency to help you craft your brand’s ongoing narrative. From starting out to reshaping perceptions, we aim to tell a better, bigger story that breaks through market noise.


It’s all about content, and we develop content that aligns with your business goals and communications strategy. From blogs to white papers, bylines and video storyboards,  and infographics and e-books, our dedicated team delivers creative and compelling content strategies and aligned assets that make a difference.


Even in today’s technology-focused world, it’s still all about relationships. Compass has strong relationships with the media and influencers that you need to know your brand and your mission. In fact, just like our clients, they are not only connections, they are family.

STRATEGY and planning

Looking to build out your new product launch or target a specific vertical market? Compass can guide you through the process, outlining assets, strategies and timelines. We will also make sure to align our media outreach with these initiatives for maximum amplification.


Our CSO is a data nut so we’d be amiss if we didn’t say we love measurement and KPIs. At Compass, we’re constantly looking at data to see how our efforts are performing. Whether it’s a social post, an e-book or an email distribution, the data enables us to make sure our efforts are getting in front of the right people.

Social media

Social media looks easy but it is hard. You can send all the posts you can but that doesn’t mean you’re getting in front of the right influencers and  targets. Compass has the industry expertise and experience to roll out creative and fun social media programs that get your brand seen.

business strategy and product marketing

Through our strategic partnership with SecureBI, our clients gain access to industry-leading services that will help you refine your go-to-market and product marketing strategies. Working together, we leverage a proven framework customized to your business to drive long-term competitive differentiation and business success.