SecureBI and Compass: Uniting Services to Provide Comprehensive Business Support

SecureBI and Compass: Uniting Services to Provide Comprehensive Business Support

Understanding business fundamentals and developing a strategy with end-to-end objectives can determine whether or not you’re set up for success in the security marketplace. Demonstrating this and propelling its reputation as an advisory firm, SecureBI has worked with startup companies, prospective investors looking to enter the security space, and established organizations in need of critical guidance and support to grow their businesses.

No matter how you’re positioned in the market, the road to expansion and success starts with gaining access to expertise and utilizing services from those who have built a strong reputation in the security industry and understand the landscape. To follow our own principles, SecureBI and Compass Integrated Communications are excited to announce a new partnership that will merge Compass’ content marketing and PR services with SecureBI’s intimate knowledge of the industry and proficiency as a strategic advisory firm.

By combining our respective expertise and leadership as consultants in the industry, we are able to deliver effective marketing and robust communications strategies that are aligned with product positioning and endeavors. Together, our business strategy offerings and services will be tailored to support brand visibility needs and the growth of communications programs by ensuring content is on-target and attracting far-reaching media opportunities.

SecureBI will develop business strategy and provide advice on how to achieve a profitable future in the security industry, while Compass adds a vital component: telling your story.

We look forward to helping you transform your business strategy and promoting your brand.

Rhianna Daniels
Chief Strategy Officer, Compass Integrated Communications

Brandon Reich
Founder and CEO, SecureBI

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