Compass Client Spotlight: January 2018

Compass Client Spotlight: January 2018

As we closed the door on 2017 and eagerly jumped into the new year, many conversations in the security industry centered around the highlights of last year and the trends to look forward to in 2018. In this month’s client spotlight, Verint’s Alex Johnson explains to SecurityInformed why 2017 demonstrated the need for increased safety, security and collaboration; RAD’s Steve Reinharz describes the benefits of collaborative robots to Security Magazine; and Brandon Reich from Pivot3 talks about today’s huge growth in data in Security Sales & Integration. Vanderbilt’s Mitchell Kane weighs in to Campus Security & Life Safety about how evolving technology is keeping campuses more secure, Security Info Watch looks at Arteco’s newly designed mobile application; and Oncam’s Jumbi Edulbehram includes the growing use of analytics in his 2018 prediction to SecurityInformed.

Why Collaboration in the Security Industry is Needed to Increase Cybersecurity in 2018
Manufacturers, integrators and end users must actively collaborate to develop policies and solutions that reduce exposure to cybersecurity challenges; this includes ensuring that all network devices are updated with the latest versions of software and firmware, and implementing best practices around things like password hygiene.

2017 Adopted 360-Degree Cameras as a Primary Device for Total Situational Awareness
The physical security market continues to experience growth as users look to capitalize on the promises of emerging technologies and because of this, 2017 proved to be a great year for Oncam.

Roundtable Discussion: What Are the Security Challenges of the Enterprise Market?
Enterprise customers provide a large, and very lucrative, business opportunity for the physical security market. As a group, enterprise customers also tend to be a demanding lot, requiring systems that are large, scalable, that can operate across a wide geographic area, and that provide top-notch system performance.

Access Control Evolution Spotlights High-Tech and Cybersecurity Advancement in 2018
It is clear that many businesses are ready and willing to migrate from legacy systems to newer, more proven solutions, such as hosted and managed access control offerings, which have garnered increasing interest across the industry in recent years. So, what technologies and trends stand to gain the most traction in 2018 and beyond?

Streamlining Today’s Campuses
With today’s evolving technology, modern campuses are using security and IT functionality to address more than just security, allowing more streamlined data management and information to be gleaned from all systems to aid administrators in determining how that data is best used.

Why the Future Looks Bright in Cyberspace for the Security Industry in 2018
It wasn’t only Pivot3 that had a healthy year; the industry, as a whole, is robust. Investment in technology is growing in markets ranging from public sector organizations, municipalities, gaming and transit agencies — all seeking technology solutions that drive value, increase intelligence and reduce risk.

Security Execs Share Urgent Issues and Potential Surprises for 2018
While it’s fair to say the security industry is prospering overall, it still has a handful of urgent issues that need to be addressed. Top executives from the industry shared these issues, as well as surprises that may be in store for 2018.

Collaborative Robots: Working Together for the Better
As security technology and processes continue to progress and become more intricate, collaboration will be critical to streamline operations and seamlessly integrate systems.

The New Alliance of Humans and Robotics in Security Solutions in 2018
To address the physical security challenges, we saw a greater adoption of robotic solutions across the board. Our massive industry started to make the change: Shifting from an uneducated view of this advanced technology to increased interest about artificial intelligence across multiple markets including guarding companies, integrators and, most importantly, end users.

Arteco Rolls out New Mobile On-Demand Access to Video Management App
The Arteco app delivers instant access to select functions within the Arteco Video Event Management Software (VEMS) platform and provides immediate notification of customized alerts and alarms.

Video Surveillance and Access Control Data Will Allow Users to See the Bigger Picture in 2018
As we take a look back on 2017, there are a number of trends we need to highlight — all of which have redefined our industry. Cybersecurity played a huge role in physical security, driven by the increase in the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the overall interconnectivity between devices and expanding cloud technologies.

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