Who We Are

Compass Integrated Communications launched in 2009 as a full-service marketing communications firm. Since that time, we’ve built an impressive portfolio of clients that deliver some of the most innovative and exciting technologies in the world. Each client has the complete attention of our experienced team. Here is a closer look at our senior-level team members.

Rhianna Daniels Hile

Chief Strategy Officer

For more than 15 years, Rhianna Daniels Hile has served in a number of media and communications roles. In her current role at Compass, she leads the development of strategic marketing communications campaigns for clients. She thrives at developing personal relationships with each client. By building long-term partnerships, Compass has valuable insight into what drives its clients, and the vision behind each client’s unique products and services.


Hile has spent more than 12 years in the media and technology industries. Prior to founding Compass, she was the Editor of Security Director News, and held various editorial and marketing roles with leading publications and media companies. When away from the office, she can be found enjoying the constant sunshine in Florida, rooting for her beloved New England Patriots, traveling with her son and husband, or riding her 7-year-old Dutch Warmblood.

Courtney Mamuscia

Marketing Strategist

Courtney Mamuscia has 15+ years of experience in marketing and communications for organizations around the globe. From enterprise organizations to start-up ventures, she is responsible for driving high-impact strategy for clients by leveraging creative and analytical thinking and delivering unprecedented success. Balancing a brand’s integrity, goals and needs, she is able to help elevate a brand’s presence, their storytelling, and create action-oriented 360-degree campaigns on time, and in budget. 


Courtney is based in Denver, Colorado and loves to travel and adventure, and be around all the amazing people that make her smile. She’s mom to and 11-year-old daughter, busy training a new puppy and trying to keep up with all the latest Netflix series. Peloton keeps her sane, coffee keeps her going.

Ashley Richardson

Account Manager

“Overachievement” is not a word in Ashley’s vocabulary. After earning her B.A. in Mass Communications at the University of South Florida, she began her communications career as a full-time PR writer and within five years was running the Project Management and Media Relations departments in her prior position.


She knows performance standards can always be pushed further – and when they are, bigger results abound. From her years of experience, Ashley oversees tactical communications strategies proficiently, hammering in products. Managing client campaigns with messaging that directly and intimately communicates to journalists is her bread and butter.


When she isn’t wheeling and dealing with the media, she’s traveling the world, scoping out the best vegan eats and practicing MMA.

Kayla Kelly

Account Manager

Discovering her passion for media and public relations early on, Kayla graduated with a B.S. in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Old Dominion University, and began her career as Brand Manager at a video production company. While learning the ins and outs of content creation and brand management, she also discovered the value of treating your clients like family- something that’s only become more important throughout her career. While serving in different positions, her north star has always been keeping her clients first.


Relying on intentional and strategic communication, Kayla strives to go above and beyond when upholding brand integrity, meeting expectations, and managing deliverables. She enjoys all aspects of the field, but creating and maintaining successful relationships and studying brands to gage how to best serve them are some of her favorite parts of the job.


Kayla lives in Central Florida with her husband and pup. She loves most outdoor adventures (no heights please!), practicing her baking skills, and spending the day at a theme park.

Colleen Arnold

Executive Assistant

Colleen Arnold is a seasoned Executive Assistant with more than 15 years in the field. She has extensive experience with all administrative tasks, including scheduling, correspondence, bookkeeping, social media strategy and implementation, and project management. As a senior assistant, Colleen has developed employee handbooks, safety programs, and standard operating procedures. Here at Compass, Colleen hangs with our CSO to make sure she’s got the p’s and q’s of projects, processes, and people sorted out, approaching tasks with creativity and ingenuity.


Colleen graduated from Lake Forest College with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies. Her background in language and history brings a talent for writing, researching, and proofing to our team. In addition to her duties as an Executive Assistant, Colleen is also active in her community, where she donates time to the local food pantry. She also loves to watch basketball with her three boys and hunker down with a great book.